Renting a property

Understanding Your Affordability

We recommend starting off with clarifying a budget, typically you will need to show at least 2.5x the annual rent in annual earnings amongst other criteria to be deemed as financially comfortable to rent a property. Understanding your budget in the beginning will guide you down the right path to be able realistically consider other important aspects like size, location, and specification. You should also consider other costs that in most cases will be your responsibility like energy and utility bills, Council Tax and other subscriptions ect.


What’s Important To You?

There are many considerations when it comes to renting. The prioritisation of each aspect is always unique to the individual depending on their lifestyle. For example, if you have to commute every day you may want to consider prioritising being as close to a train station as possible over being close to a local park or if you have a family perhaps the location of the property being withing a certain catchment area of a desired school outranks the proximity to a local pub.

on hunt

On The Hunt…

Most applicants will start their search online in the various portals and websites available to find a suitable property. Typically adverts will give you a lot of information on the property including images, floorplans, energy efficiency and in some cases videos and virtual tours helping you to refine your search at this stage and be more efficient with your appointments. Speaking to a local Agent will help with the speed in which you are made aware of properties including those which are yet to come to market.

When You Find Your New Home

The rental market is very fast paced and we recommend once you have decided on your new home to act quickly. You will be asked to provide us with various relevant pieces of information to agree a let with the owner of your desired property. You will then be asked to pay a holding deposit to secure the property. Whilst you go through the referencing and administration process necessary to set up your new tenancy, it is important to remember that at this stage the new tenancy is still subject to contract and references and there is no guarantee that the tenancy will be granted. In any case your agent will be able to guide you through any hurdles or questions you may encounter.

Find Home

Day 1 & Beyond

Once all of the necessary steps have been taken to secure your new home you will need to consider moving arrangements. No doubt it will be a very busy period for you and you should plan ahead where possible. You should take into account booking movers, switching utilities and other subscriptions, changing your address on your driving licence and V5 document if you own a car, informing the council of a change of address as well other companies and services you engage with ect.

Depending on whether or not the property you live in is professionally managed by an Agent, you may need to communicate any queries and issues that arise to the Landlord. This relationship is an important one, its worth nurturing as it’s likely that you will you have regular communication through the length of the tenancy.


Be In The Know

There are a lot of things to consider as a tenant when renting a property, it is important to be aware of your rights and obligations. We recommend you read and ensure you understand all of the paperwork issued to you and if you have any doubts, you should seek independent legal advice. The government has issued a ‘How to Rent Guide’ that your agent will supply you with at the early stages of the process which is also available on the following web page